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Airbnb and other platforms refuse to do background checks on all its users. Why? Financial gain, of course; more listings means more money. This has led to overwhelming cases of host-on-guest sexual assault and filming via spy-cameras. Clearly, women want better, and StayVerified ensures peace-of-mind.

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Jessica Simon

“Airbnb and other platforms have no incentive to do any meaningful background checks on hosts as they profit every listing.”


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StayVerified Host Earns 32% More Revenue

The StayVerified badge is a true differentiator in the short-term rental marketplace which is saturated by hosts. Case Study.

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When guests come here and check their host’s StayVerified status, they are linked to your profile which you can use to promote your own website.

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We send you qualified leads that are looking for short-term rental managers in your specific City, State. Soda Stays case study.


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Short-term rental guests believe safety is the most important differentiator. The StayVerified badge for hosts is available to use on all platforms.


I love Airbnb, but ever since my daughter was sexually assaulted by her host, I only like her to book StayVerified hosts.


As a traveling nurse with plenty of bad experience on Airbnb; you never go wrong booking a host that is StayVerified.

SafeVerified Guests and Hosts benefit.

Traveling nurses and hospitals recommend StayVerified as the trusted booking source.