Hosts and Property Managers, this is how it works:

Stay Verified is Simple

RESULTS: Stay Verified Increases Income Without Any Work!

The data has proven conclusively, that the Stay Verified in creases the NOI of a host or property manager, without any extra-work. Thus, a StayVerified badge is arguably the most profitable and must-have short-term rental software integration or tool in the short-term industry.

It comes down to differentiation. Safety, it’s the ultimate differentiator.

– 2023 Stay Verified Research Labs

…women have made it clear. It follows that, since women make the booking decisions, and cannot, and certainly will not, compromise their own safety of the safety of their loved ones :

The Stay Verified badge process is very easy. Results are delivered in 24-hours, through state-of-the-art, industry-leading background checks that are equivalent to the US Secret Service.

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