Welcome To StayVerified.

StayVerified is a next-generation, tech-enabled vacation rental+ software safety platform. We keep women and children safe while traveling while substantially boosting the NOI of our network of participating hots and management companies revenue with just the click of a button.


We kindly welcome you to Soda, where our cutting-edge, end-to-end digital vacation rental safety platform has changed the vacation rental market. Our objective is to provide unmatched, unforgettable travel experiences for our awesome guests, while generating a substantial revenue lift for our homeowners with the click of a button.

Soda strives to continuously innovate and disrupt the vacation rental industry’s established rules. Using cutting-edge technology, we’ve developed a platform that enables the effective and flawless management of every part of the vacation rental process, from booking to maintenance and beyond. In addition to providing excellent visitor experiences, we also provide unmatched care and assistance to our homeowners. We recognize that your vacation rental is more than just a property; we regard it as an investment.

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Airbnb Pays Millions Of Dollars to SA Victims Every Year.

Uber, Airbnb, DoorDash, Task Rabbit. Women by-and-large cannot use these services alone with peace-of-mind. That ends with the StayVerified badge that any service provider can include in their profile along with their StayVerified ID# to be verified on our platform in a single click by the end-user